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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for use of website

1. Ownership & copyright

  • All information, logos and material used throughout this website are protected by the International and UK intellectual property laws and therefore any reproduction, copying, distribution does constitute a breach of this protection order.

  • Copying, downloading, printing and use of material from our website is permitted under the provision that the content:

    Is for personal and not commercial use
    All logos and licences on this site must not be used without consent and express permission from Rainbow Healthcare Services Ltd.


2. Content


All the content on this website is to provide general information about Rainbow Healthcare Services Ltd together with the services it provides and must not be taken to answer any questions real or imaginative as to exhaustion of any subject in question. There may be inaccuracies due to technical, typographic or other inaccuracies and if these are noticed, please notify us for clarification.

Information will be changed from time to time depending upon change of legislation, needs and services. We therefore reserve the right to alter, change and amend information without notice.


3. Links to other third party sites


We may supply links to other site as hyperlinks or hyper texts which will take one to other websites. We advise that users must exercise their own discretion and extreme caution as we cannot not be held responsible for third party websites.


4. Disclaimer


All the content and information presented in this website has been provided without implied or expressed warranty as to accuracy, free of technical, typographic or other errors, reliability of information shared or use in other criteria. Rainbow Healthcare Services Ltd will take all reasonable measures necessary to ensure integrity of data and information displayed on this website adheres to accuracy and security requirements as applicable to law but disclaims to all warranties implied or expressed of any risks that may apply.


5. Risk & no liability


Use of this website and all provided information is entirely at own risk as to loss, damage or issues that may arise. Rainbow Healthcare Services, its employees, officers, consultants are liable for any loses, damage to property or hardware and consequential loss due to use of our website. We therefore take full indemnity as to liability for any loss, damage, costs incurred whether personal, financial or in whatever manner.


6. Jurisdiction


These website terms and conditions are therefore governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. For any disputes that may arise, using this website implies that you therefore consent to the jurisdiction of the England & Wales courts in reference to these terms and conditions.


Cookies Policy


Our website and mobile app. sites use cookies to give users the best online experience. By accepting our desktop and mobile sites and agreeing to this policy, you thereby give consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms and conditions of this website.


What are cookies, and how doed our website use them


A cookie is a file that contains a piece of data (usually a string of numbers and letters). This is created and sent by a web server to a web browser, and stored within the browser when you visit a website.
There will then be an identifier which is sent back to the server every time the browser requests a page from that server.

Cookies will not contain any sensitive information that will personally identify the user, but personal information may only be linked to the information stored in and obtained from those cookies.

The information we obtain from your use of our cookies may be used for the following purposes:

  • Recognising your computer each time a user visits our website

  • Improvement of the website’s usability

  • Analysing the use of our website

  • remember you when you revisit our website


Types Of Cookies used


Cookies for web navigation and functionality
These assist in easy navigation and functionality of the website.


Cookies for analytics
These are used to gather information how you use our website.</>


1. Prohibited Usage

Our Website and Mobile Apps should only be used for lawful purposes and should not be used:

  • For breaches to local, national or international law or legislation.

  • Unlawful or fraudulent purposes

  • For harming or attempting to harm others, minors or otherwise in any manner.

  • For sending, knowingly receiving, uploading, downloading or using material which is non-compliant to our policies.

  • For transmitting or communication of any spam, unauthorised or unsolicited promotional or advertising material.

  • For forwarding, uploading or transmission of illegal data that may contain spyware, malware, viruses, computer coding or harmful programs that may harm other hardware or computers.


2. Interactive Services

Our interactive services on our website and applications may include live chat, or providing feedback for our services for the website, LinkedIn, twitter or face book. Clear advice and assessment of risks on this will be provided if this service is to be used. We take no responsibility or liability to interactive service if these are not used expressly according to our policy. Language used should be used within the legal context and in moderation.

Feedback contents must be accurate and comply with GDPR laws locally and internationally.

  • Use of defamatory language or material is illegal

  • Use of material that is deceptive, illegal, promotes violence and threatening behaviour or terrorism, anxiety, embarrassment to others, impersonate others, discrimination based on gender, sex, race, nationality, colour, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation, or sexually explicit material that includes child abuse or misrepresenting one’s identity is strictly prohibited.

All materials sent to us as ideas, graphics, comments etc. becomes property of Rainbow Healthcare Services and we reserve the right to modify and distribute those materials royalty free without liability. We will only identify one’s name where one expressly agrees for use of such and we will inform you in advance.


3. Termination

We will assess and determine the use of our sites in terms of breach of policy and will take action as appropriate.

Failure in complying with our policy will constitute a breach of the terms and conditions which may lead to:

  • Removal or suspension of rights to use our website and applications.

  • Issuance of warning

  • Commencing legal proceedings against one and reimbursement of all legal and administrative costs and also disclosure of such breaches to Law enforcement agents and any other means necessary.


4. Acceptable Use Policy


Any changes to this policy will be displayed on our website and we reserve the right to revise this policy according to changing needs.

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